Patient Monitor Mobility with wall mounts and roll stands available for all Infinium Patient Monitors. Both Infinium roll stands and wall mounts are made of light-weight but high-strength metals to allow for maximum stability. These Infinium products feature a tilting quick-release slide mount. This allows the patient monitor to be quickly removed and re-attached during transport as well as tilted for best viewing angle.


  • 9″ or 12” (23cm or 30cm) arm lengths
  • wall mount  roll standAvailable for wall channel or rail mounting
  • Patient Monitor Quick Release
  • Swivel arm provides lateral movement
  • 60lbs (27.2kg) arm rating
  • Cable management channel
  • Color Options available (white standard)


  • Load Capacity up to 25 lbs (5.5 KG)
  • Patient Monitor Quick Release
  • Height 42” (106.7CM)
  • 3” (12.7cm) single wheel casters (2 locking, 3 non-locking)
  • Custom Color Options (grey standard)
  • Sturdy 25” aluminum base
  • 10” x 6” wire basket
  • MRI Safe options are available

Infinium Medical also offers a variety of other medical accessories to aid in health care worldwide.

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