Anesthesia Equipment with Simplified Gas Delivery Available from Infinium Medical

Anesthesia EquipmentAnesthesia equipment is often used by medical professionals during surgical procedures to help prevent a patient from feeling pain and relax surrounding muscles. Oftentimes, anesthesia can make a patient drowsy or even unconscious, both of which are completely normal reactions to the medicine. During the procedure, an anesthesiologist will monitor the patient’s vitals to ensure their well-being, and also regulate the amount of anesthesia being administered. However, doing both simultaneously can be difficult if a facility’s monitoring equipment is outdated or not user-friendly.

The expert developers here at Infinium Medical understand that anesthesia equipment should be easy to use, which is why we’ve developed the ADS II. This anesthesia machine offers easy and consistent gas delivery thanks to several of its outstanding features, including:

  • Digital flowmeters – With digital readings for the O2, N2O, and AIR flowmeters, users can easily monitor the rate at which gases are administered to the patient.
  • User-friendly interface – All of the ventilation and gas delivery controls are located in one convenient location (approximately 10 cm. apart from one another) for quick and easy access.
  • Multiple alarm settings – Our innovative anesthesia equipment can alert the user of possible concerns, such as when the gas supply is failing, the battery is dying, and much more.

To learn more about our reliable anesthesia equipment and its many features, contact Infinium Medical today. We are proud to serve healthcare facilities throughout the United States and even internationally.