Comprehensive Anesthesia Machine Systems Available for Medical Facilities Nationwide

Anesthesia MachineAnesthesia machine systems are vital for any hospital, clinic, or other medical facility that performs any procedure that requires sedation, since the American Society of Anesthesiologists requires anesthetizations to be carefully administered and monitored. Having an anesthesia system that is able to provide comprehensive functions can not only make your anesthesiologist’s job easier, but more importantly, ensure that your patients are well taken care of. This is why Infinium Medical provides high-quality, reliable anesthesia machines.

Each anesthesia machine offers many outstanding features. To begin with, you will be able to choose from several ventilation modes, including:

  • VCV
  • PCV
  • Manual
  • Standby

What’s more, our anesthesia monitors incorporate a user-friendly design with a 10.4-inch monitor and touch screen options. This screen allows you to monitor C, R, VTW, VTI, MV, MVspn, f, fspn, I:E, Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, and Pmini. Additionally, each anesthesia machine has easy-to-see gas delivery readings through digital O2, NO2, and AIR flowmeters. These controls are also located within 10 cm of each other, allowing for easy use and providing a user-friendly interface. And because our anesthesia machines come with several alarm settings, the user is sure to know if cases of extreme airway pressure, apnea, supply failure, or other problems arise.   

Our anesthesia machines come with an array of connectivity options and can be easily linked to one of our patient monitors for access to internal database systems. For more information on the benefits of having an anesthesia machine from Infinium Medical, contact us today.