The Features of the Anesthesia Machine that We Offer at Infinium Medical

Anesthesia MachineAt Infinium Medical, the anesthesia machine that we offer is known as the ADSII. This state-of-the-art workstation has the features that anesthesiologists need to best serve their patients as well as a handful of integrated features that make the ins and outs of their position a little easier. If the time has come to upgrade your anesthesia machine and you are currently researching your options, take the time to learn about this workstation.

First and foremost, our anesthesia machine is designed to deliver highly accurate tidal volumes. The workstation also features digital O2, N2O, and Air Flowmeters, which are controlled through a user-friendly interface on the workstation. Additionally, our anesthesia machine has a 1.5 liter integrated absorber system, which can easily be swapped out mid use, making it beneficial for longer operations.

To help you monitor your anesthesia delivery, the ADSII comes standard with a 10.4 inch LCD screen, which can display three different wavelengths at once. Plus, the anesthesia machine can help monitor a variety of patient vital signs, end tidal CO2, and anesthesia agent amounts all from a single interface, which will give you unmatched insight into the health of your patient.

From a practical standpoint, the ADSII also shines. This anesthesia machine has:

  • A two hour battery backup, allowing for extended use away from a power source
  • Wheels that make it highly portable
  • A retractable writing table for the user
  • Several storage compartments for convenience

At Infinium Medical, we have a sterling reputation for offering medical equipment that is easy to use, highly reliable, and completely accurate. If you are interested in outfitting your healthcare facility with a new anesthesia machine, contact us today and learn about the various benefits to our state-of-the-art workstation.