Infinium Medical Offers Capnography Equipment for Patients Across the Globe

Capnography MonitoringMedical professionals who are in the market for capnography equipment that is both versatile and reliable should consider purchasing the Infinium CO2. The importance of having dependable capnography monitors cannot be overstated. By closely monitoring the amount of end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) in your patients’ exhaled breath, you will be able to improve your standard of care and quickly respond to changes in carbon dioxide levels – which can sometimes be an indication of several serious medical issues, including airway obstruction, stroke, and pulmonary embolism.

There are a number of reasons that the Infinium CO2 is an ideal machine to monitor your patients’ EtCO2 output, including that it:

  • Can be used for both intubated and non-intubated patients
  • Uses a 50 ml per minute sidestream method
  • Has a non-proprietary sample line connection system that prevents cross-contamination through the use of filter cells

Our sidestream method is particularly beneficial to physicians and patients because it makes capnography monitors less invasive. Instead of detecting EtCO2 levels directly from the lungs, our capnography monitor directs exhaled breath through a nasal-oral mask toward the sensor to deliver highly accurate EtCO2 readings. And our capnography machine has been extensively tested, so you can trust that you are getting accurate data every time you use it.

To learn more about how our capnography monitors can help you and your team provide exceptional medical care for your patients, contact Infinium Medical today.