Learn About the Benefits of Infinium Medical’s Advanced Capnography Equipment

Capnography EquipmentInfinium Medical has been a leading manufacturer of capnography equipment for medical facilities around the world since 2001. Our capnography module is the Infinium EnTide™, and for your convenience, it is compatible with our advanced Cleo vital signs monitor. Capnography monitors are a valuable addition to a variety of healthcare facilities because they have versatile uses. For example, the Infinium EnTide™ can provide end tidal CO2 data that helps to diagnose patients with a variety of conditions, including certain pulmonary conditions.

In addition to providing consistently accurate EtCO2 readings, our capnography equipment is also useful in identifying several other anesthetic agents, like:

  • O2
  • N2O
  • Sevoflurane
  • Isoflurane
  • Desflurane
  • Enflurane
  • Halothane

The capnography equipment we craft at Infinium Medical is put through a series of extensive real-world tests to ensure it will work as expected when it matters most. This high level of precision is provided thanks to features like a low flow sidestream method of collection and filter cells in the sample line connection to prevent cross contamination. Our capnography equipment also comes with a rechargeable battery pack, so it can be used when transporting patients from room to room and in other situations in which a power source is not readily available. And, because the Infinium EnTide™ is one of the lowest cost-per-patient capnography modules on the market, you can feel good knowing you are getting an exceptional value.

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn how you can invest in our impressive capnography equipment for your healthcare facility. The Infinium EnTide™ is available to medical professionals around the world.