Capnography Measurement Simplified Through Infinium Medical

Capnography MeasurementAt Infinium Medical, we make capnography measurement easier than ever with our Infinium CO2. This state-of-the-art piece of technology is used to upgrade one of our patient monitors to transform it into either a dedicated capnograph or combination capnograph/SpO2/NIBP monitor. Whether you need capnography measurement capabilities for your operating room, urgent care center, or even ambulance, we have a commonsense solution that will meet your needs and provide you with the consistently accurate data that you require.

The Infinium CO2 is a unique approach to capnography monitoring in that it is a field-upgradable module that is attached to one of our various patient monitors. This allows you the flexibility you need to best serve each patient under your care. This module is easily connected to the monitor and can quickly begin measuring end-tidal respiration using a 50mL/minute sidestream method. The system also features reliable filter cells that help prevent contamination and ensure the utmost accuracy of your capnography measurements.

With Infinium Medical, you can also be highly confident in the veracity of your capnography measurements as we:

  • Exhaustively test all of our medical equipment in some of the most high-volume healthcare facilities around the country
  • Are well regarded for manufacturing healthcare equipment that is highly durable
  • Have gone to great lengths to make our technology as easy to operate as possible, limiting user error

No matter if you need reliable capnography measurement for an intubated or non-intubated patient, the Infinium CO2 is an excellent option. Plus, since each of our patient monitors is designed to be portable, you’re able to take your capnography equipment on the go, making it possible to transport the monitor next to a mobile patient.

Contact us today to learn more about the many features and benefits of this system.