Capnography Monitor from Infinium Medical

A capnography monitor provides information on the carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs upon exhalation and is an effective tool for diagnosing respiratory conditions, monitoring patients who are undergoing anesthesia, and tracking overall vital conditions. Capnography monitors are used in all types of medical settings, from emergency rooms and trauma centers to field triage centers and the patient compartments of ambulances. Indeed, capnographs have diverse uses, and at Infinium Medical, we offer the most versatile capnography monitor available today.

Our capnograph monitors are ideal for use in virtually any medical environment and are equipped with array of features:

  • Plug in system that allows users to switch between mainstream and sidestream end tidal CO2 functions
  • Color touchscreens for intuitive function
  • Advanced trending that afford up to 72 hours of data record
  • Comprehensive alarms that can be adjusted to suit the aural environment of your medical facility
  • Handle and hook for easy bedside mounting

You can be confident in the quality of our capnography monitor systems, as each is tested and retested by our trained medical experts in various real-world scenarios, ensuring that our monitors will provide uninterrupted accuracy no matter where a medical need should arise. Plus, our medical monitors are CE approved and ISO certified, and meet or exceed all industry standards, meaning that our monitoring equipment is suitable for use throughout the United States and in nations around the globe.

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