The Cleo Capnography Monitor Leads the Way in Vital Signs Measurements

Capnography MonitorA capnography monitor is used in healthcare facilities to measure end tidal CO2 (EtCO2), or the amount of carbon dioxide a patient exhales. Typically, monitoring this exchange is important when a patient goes under anesthesia, but it can also be useful in other scenarios as well. For example, paramedics are often able to use EtCO2 readings to evaluate a patient’s ventilation or respiratory abilities.

Whether it will be used in the hospital while administering anesthesia to a patient, or in the field during a medical emergency, the developers here at Infinium Medical know that healthcare providers want a capnography monitor that’s reliable and accurate. However, we understand that medical professionals also want a monitor that is capable of performing several different functions to make patient monitoring more efficient. This is why our experts have developed the Cleo vital signs monitor.

This monitoring system is capable of providing four main readings:

  • EtCO2
  • NIBP
  • SpO2
  • Rapid temperature

The user will be able to display any combination of information that is most vital to providing patient care. This allows the Cleo to act as a stand-alone capnography monitor and display only EtCO2 readings, or as a basic pulse oximeter and display SpO2 readings alongside blood pressure and temperature information. Since the Cleo incorporates a 5-inch, color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface, so users are able to alter the display information easily.

To learn more about the Cleo capnography monitor and its multiple functions, contact Infinium Medical today.