Our Approach to Capnography Monitoring

Capnography MonitoringAt Infinium Medical, we know how important capnography monitoring is, and to accommodate the needs of healthcare professionals around the globe, we have developed the Infinium CO2 to make end-tidal CO2 monitoring as easy as possible. This state-of-the-art capnography monitoring technology is a field upgradable module that attaches quickly and easily to the Cleo, our intuitive vital signs measurement monitor.

The Infinium CO2 capnography monitoring system utilizes a 50ml per minute sidestream method to provide the most accurate EtCO2 readings possible. Furthermore, this system uses a sample line connection system that utilizes filter cells to eliminate the potential for cross contamination. It’s just one example of the ways that the products that we offer at Infinium Medical are designed to offer the most accurate results possible. In fact, every medical monitor that we offer is first extensively field tested in some of the busiest healthcare facilities on the planet to ensure that the system is equipped to handle repeated use.

Another advantage to the capnography monitoring system that we offer is that it is appropriate for both intubated and non-intubated patients. Capnography has long been used as a trusted tool in operating rooms in order to monitor the carbon dioxide levels in exhaled breath of sedated patients, but increasingly, healthcare providers are finding new and beneficial uses for capnography monitors. First responders, for instance, can utilize our portable vital signs monitoring technology to monitor for hypoventilation or hyperventilation.

When it comes to capnography monitoring, the Infinium CO2 is second to none. To learn more about the various advantages to our product line, contact us today. We also offer a variety of other vital signs monitoring solutions to meet the needs of your patients.