Capnography Made Simple with the Omni Express

Capnography is the monitoring of CO2 exchange in the lungs during exhalation. It has been shown to be one of the most effective ways for physicians to diagnose adverse respiratory conditions. Capnography is mainly used to monitor CO2 levels while patients are under anesthesia; however, it is becoming more widely used to determine respiratory conditions in other situations as well. Emergency medical personnel use capnography to verify the position of an endotracheal tube to prevent patient injury or even death from an improperly placed tube. Our Omni Express is the ideal capnography medical monitor for any medical environment because it is lightweight (under six pounds), portable, and features the Infinium Lo-Flo and Capnostat 5 EtCO2 “plug-in” system. The Infinium Lo-Flo and Capnostat 5 capnography system allows users to switch between sidestream and mainstream EtCO2 applications.

Some of the features of our Omni Express capnography patient monitor are:

4 hour battery omni-express-vs
Bright color screen with waveform and large digits
Advanced trending
Adjustable and comprehensive alarms
Hook and handle for bedside mounting
IV pole mounting capability
Simplified user interface

The Omni Express capnography monitor from Infinium Medical has been tested and retested by medical professionals and engineers to ensure its accuracy, reliability, and speed of operation.   Capnography is becoming more and more widely used throughout the medical community as physicians rely upon them to help determine the severity of asthma and COPD symptoms, as well as the response to medications for these conditions.

Infinium Medical has been manufacturing patient monitors since 2001 and we have continued to progressively expand ever since. Our line of Omni monitors, particularly the Omni Express, is trusted by medical professionals worldwide. We have a strong presence in the United States, as well as parts of Europe and Asia. Physicians everywhere depend on our products because they have proven time and again to be reliable, accurate and thorough.

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