Capnography Monitors from Infinium Medical

Whether you are performing emergency surgery or a routine procedure, a capnography monitor is crucial in monitoring the carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs as patients breathe. Measuring CO2 is especially important during the use of anesthesia, as capnographs can quickly detect minor variances in vital signs that can indicate emergency scenarios, such as respiratory depression, misplaced tracheal tubes, and poor circuits.

Our equipment is tested and retested by trained medical professionals in multiple real-world scenarios to make sure that our products will withstand use in all types of demanding medical settings. They even come with a long-life battery that allows our capnography equipment to operate even in the absence of AC electrical outlets. So, whether you use our capnography monitors in an outdoor emergency triage, in the back of an ambulance, in a Medevac helicopter, or another remote setting, you can rest assured they will provide the accurate results you need, when you need them.

A capnography monitor from Infinium Medical features the following:

  • Bright screen with waveform and tabular readouts
  • Large, easy-to-read fonts
  • Advanced trending
  • Adjustable and comprehensive alarms
  • Hook and handle for bedside mounting
  • Simple user interface
  • And more

You can have complete confidence when using an Infinium Medical capnography monitor, as it will help prevent life-threatening emergencies that can surface during medical procedures and ensure the safety of your patients. The reliability of our medical monitors is just one reason that doctors, nurses, technicians, and others throughout the United States and around the world have trusted our equipment since 2001.

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