Capnography Monitors from Infinium Medical

CapnographyWhen you need a capnography monitor for your medical facility, look no further than Infinium Medical. Since 2001, we have built a solid reputation by providing state-of-the-art medical monitors to health care facilities throughout the United States. Our medical experts have developed a versatile patient monitor with the latest capnography capabilities, making our EtCO2 monitors ideal for health care professionals who want to provide the best possible care to their patients.

EtCO2 monitors are commonly used for measuring carbon dioxide exchange in respirations during procedures involving anesthesia, but they are increasingly being used for many other health care uses, like tracking maladies such as lung disease and congenital heart disease. Capnography monitors are also used by emergency response teams to assess and treat patients before they arrive in the hospital setting.

Our end-tidal carbon dioxide monitors offer the following features:

  • 10.4” high-resolution color screen
  • Dual flow meters (2xN2O, 2xO2, and 1xAir)
  • Strong back bar for fitting two vaporizers
  • 2-liter autoclavable absorber
  • I:E ratio
  • Electronic PEEP
  • Compliance compensation
  • Several respiratory modes, including IPPV, PCV, SIMV, and MANUAL
  • Comprehensive alarm systems

Additionally, our capnography monitors are equipped with long-life batteries to ensure that your monitoring equipment continues operating even during an emergency situation, such as a power outage. This battery backup system means our capnography monitors can be used in settings where AC power outlets may not be available, including in the back of an ambulance, in medevac aircraft, and in a remote field triage setting.

To learn more about our versatile capnography monitors, contact Infinium Medical today.