Learn More About the Capnometer Offered by Infinium Medical

CapnometerInfinium Medical is proud to offer our capnometer, the Infinium CO2. We have been a trusted manufacturer of advanced medical equipment since 2001. Over the years, our exceptional products have helped us earn an outstanding reputation for providing highly reliable medical equipment that helps healthcare professionals improve their standard of patient care – and our capnometer is no exception.

One impressive aspect of our capnometer is its versatility. The Infinium CO2 can be used to detect the EtCO2 output of:

  • Intubated patients
  • Non-intubated patients
  • Adults
  • Children

Regardless of the patient it is being used on, our capnometer uses a 50 ml per minute sidestream method and has filter cells in the sample line connection to prevent any potential cross-contamination. And, in addition to EtCO2, the Infinium CO2 can accurately identify several other anesthetic agents, including O2, NO2, Enflurane, Desflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane.

Impressively, even with all of these advanced features, the Infinium CO2 is one of the lowest cost-per-patient capnometers available, so you can feel good knowing you are getting a great price. The Infinium CO2 is also compatible with the Cleo, our vital signs monitor. By purchasing these two pieces of equipment together, you will be able to streamline your patient care process even further, which will benefit your patients and your staff alike.

For more information regarding the benefits of our capnometer, contact Infinium Medical today. All of our medical equipment is available to healthcare professionals around the world.