Information About the QRS-12 Cardiac Monitor from Infinium Medical

Cardiac MonitorIf your medical facility’s current cardiac monitor simply isn’t meeting your needs, consider investing in Infinium Medical’s QRS-12. Perhaps most notably, our cardiac monitor boasts impressive diagnostic capabilities. The QRS-12’s interpretation software can access the databases of both the American Heart Association and the Common Standards for Electrocardiography, allowing it to detect up to 133 different types of arrhythmia and any pacemaker irregularities.

In addition to its software, our cardiac monitor features a 7-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to view and interpret patient data. An alphanumeric keypad also makes it simple to adjust this monitor’s settings as needed and helps to reduce the likelihood of human error that comes from operating complicated technology. This monitor can also connect to an HL7 information system or electronic medical records platform, making it easy to store and access patient data when you need it. And, to further streamline the patient care process, you can also choose to equip the QRS-12 with a:

  • Patient barcode scanner
  • Magnetic strip card reader

Infinium Medical has been proudly manufacturing state-of-the-art medical equipment since 2001. Our technology is known for not only being advanced, but also reliable. You’ll never have to question whether or not the data you’re receiving is accurate, allowing you to focus your attention where you need it most – on your patients.

To learn more about the benefits of adding the QRS-12 cardiac monitor to your medical facility, contact Infinium Medical today. Our knowledgeable product specialists are standing by and will be glad to answer your questions.