A Cardiac Monitoring Device Boasting Impressive Capabilities

Cardiac Monitoring DeviceIf you are having difficulty choosing the right cardiac monitoring device for your healthcare facility, simply look to Infinium Medical. We have been a trusted provider of top-quality medical equipment since 2001 and have since gained an outstanding reputation for the reliable equipment we make. Whether you are looking to outfit a physician’s office, first responders’ vehicle, dentist’s office, emergency room, operating room, or other kind of medical facility, we are sure to have the equipment to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The QRS-12 – the cardiac monitoring device crafted by the experts at Infinium Medical – is both user-intuitive and reliable, making it the ideal cardiac monitor for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The QRS-12 features a 7-inch touchscreen and alphanumeric keypad, which makes this device’s settings easy to read and adjust as necessary. You can also choose to outfit your cardiac monitor with optional features designed to simplify the patient care process, such as patient barcode scanners and magnetic strip card readers.

Most impressively, however, is this monitor’s connectivity. The QRS-12 is able to identify up to 133 types of arrhythmia as well as accurately detect pacemakers thanks to its connectivity with the databases of the:

  • American Heart Association
  • Common Standards for Electrocardiography

The QRS-12 can also connect to HL7 hospital information systems, which will allow your staff to more efficiently access, store, transfer, and update patient data.

If Infinium Medical’s QRS-12 sounds like it could be the right cardiac monitoring device for your healthcare facility, contact us today. One of our friendly product specialists will be glad to speak with you.