Cardiac Monitoring Equipment Available from Infinium Medical

Cardiac MonitoringSince 2001, Infinium Medical has been a leading provider of cardiac monitoring equipment and other patient monitors and operating room equipment for a wide range of medical professionals. By consistently providing reliable medical equipment, we have become a trusted name throughout the industry, and we are proud to serve healthcare providers world-wide.

To help meet the cardiac monitoring needs of various healthcare professionals, we offer the QRS-12, an electrocardiograph machine system that was designed for ease of use. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen and alphanumeric keypad, the QRS-12 allows for quick and convenient operation. It can even be equipped with other features to further simplify the patient care process, including:

  • Magnetic strip card readers
  • Patient barcode scanners

Additionally, the QRS-12 has advanced diagnostic capabilities. Because it comes with interpretation software that can access both the databases of the American Heart Association and the Common Standards for Electrocardiography, the QRS-12 can accurately detect up to 133 different types of arrhythmia and irregularities in pacemakers.

Another impressive feature of our cardiac monitoring system is its connective capabilities. By connecting the QRS-12 to an HL7 information system or electronic medical records platform, your team of medical professionals will quickly be able to access and store patient data, making it easier to monitor your patients’ cardiovascular health.

To discuss the advanced features of our cardiac monitoring equipment in further detail, contact Infinium Medical today. Our product specialists will be glad to answer any questions you may have.