Cardiac Monitoring Options

Cardiac MonitoringAt Infinium Medical, we can help you meet your healthcare facility’s cardiac monitoring needs with our state-of-the-art electrocardiograph equipment known as the QRS-12. This EKG was designed to be extremely easy to use and features a seven inch touch screen and alphanumeric keypad for quick and convenient use. To further assist with ongoing cardiac monitoring, the QRS-12 is available with optional patient barcode scanners and also magnetic strip card readers that make it easier to organize patient data.

One of the biggest advantages to the QRS-12 is that it includes interpretation software as a standard feature, making cardiac monitoring as accurate as possible. When an EKG is performed on a patient, it can be compared to two different built-in databases:

  • The Common Standard Electrocardiography database
  • The American Heart Association database

In practical terms, this interpretation software makes it possible to detect as many as 133 different types of arrhythmia. Plus, pacemaker detection is a standard feature in this highly advanced product. With the QRS-12, you are able to provide peace of mind to your patients that your cardiac monitoring capabilities are among the best in the industry and if there is even the subtlest signs of arrhythmia, you’re more likely to notice it thanks to this tool.

The QRS-12 also makes historical cardiac monitoring simple because it has connective capabilities. Using either an electronic medical records platform or HL7 information system, EKG results can be stored and managed. This makes it easier for medical personnel to review previous EKG results, compare tests, and have a better sense of the patient’s cardiovascular health.

To learn more about how we can assist your staff with cardiac monitoring with the QRS-12, contact us today.