High-Definition Video Laryngoscope Equipment for Improved Intubation

laryngoscope2For video laryngoscopy equipment you can depend on when it matters most, look to the experts at Infinium Medical. We have carefully crafted the Infinium ClearVue®, a laryngoscope with video capabilities that will help your staff achieve first-attempt success during intubation. This is possible thanks to a 2.0 megapixel camera that allows a real-time video of your patient’s vocal folds and glottis that is projected on a 3.5-inch display screen. Our camera’s lens also features anti-fog protection to ensure a clear picture every time.

Additional features that make the Infinium ClearVue® one of the finest video laryngoscopes on the market include its:

  • Quick shot camera button for easy operation
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Anti-shatter technology to protect the display screen
  • Two-year warranty

Furthermore, the Infinium ClearVue® is a low-cost-per-patient device. It is compatible with reusable blades, which can be used up to 1,000 times, as well as with low-cost disposable blades, so you can select the option that works best for your needs and budget.

Infinium Medical has been a leading provider or state-of-the-art medical equipment since 2001. Today, our patient monitors, capnography equipment, surgical tables, video laryngoscope equipment, and more are used at medical facilities in more than 87 countries. We are proud to be a name trusted by a wide range of healthcare providers, from small clinics to large hospitals and everything in between.

To learn more about our video laryngoscope equipment, or any of the other medical equipment we manufacture at Infinium Medical, contact us today.