The Cleo Vitals Monitor from Infinium Medical Has Advanced Features

Vitals MonitorIn order to offer a vitals monitor that can meet the extensive, varying capabilities of physicians, surgeons, dentists, first responders, and other medical professionals, Infinium Medical has developed the Cleo. This unique monitor is an easy to use, reliable, portable method of monitoring patients’ vital signs, meaning it can be the ideal option for a variety of healthcare practices. If you are opening a new medical facility and are in need of several monitors or are simply looking to update the old equipment you are currently using, the Cleo vitals monitor will surely exceed your expectations.

Weighing in at less than three pounds, the Cleo boasts a lightweight, compact design that allows it to be easily transported alongside patients. In the event that a power source is not easily accessible, the Cleo has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so that you can still depend on it. This monitor also has a user-intuitive software and easily operated touchscreen that will allow your staff to quickly interpret patient data. What’s more, the Cleo can be used as a basic pulse oximeter and can be configured to provide reliable readings of your patients’:

  • End tidal CO2
  • Temperature
  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • And more

Most importantly, the Cleo is incredibly accurate. We put our vitals monitor through a range of extensive real-world tests to ensure it will provide accurate information every time it is used.

For more information on the benefits of investing in our Cleo vitals monitor, contact Infinium Medical today.