Purchase Dependable Anesthesia Equipment for Your Medical Facility

Anesthesia EquipmentWhether you require anesthesia equipment because you are opening a brand new medical facility or are simply looking to replace the existing machines you have had for years, Infinium Medical is here to help. We have produced a wide range of top-quality medical equipment for physicians’ offices, hospitals, first responders, urgent care centers, and a number of other healthcare facilities since 2001, giving us extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. This allows us to manufacture equipment that is both accurate and reliable, which in turn can help you raise your standard of patient care.

The anesthesia equipment we manufacture at Infinium Medical has been designed to benefit both the anesthesiologist and the patient, since it is equipped with a number of features that make it simple to use. Some of these features include:

  • Digital N2O, O2, and Air Flowmeters that can be easily adjusted as necessary
  • A 10.4-inch LCD screen
  • The ability to monitor up to three wavelengths at once
  • The ability to measure a number of important vitals, including body temperature, blood pressure, and end tidal CO2
  • A 1.5-liter integrated absorber system that can be replaced while the system is being used, which is especially valuable during lengthy surgeries
  • A retractable writing table
  • Several convenient storage spaces to help you stay organized

Our anesthesia equipment is also portable since the entire system is on wheels and features a two-hour lithium ion backup battery.

For more information regarding the features and benefits of Infinium Medical’s anesthesia equipment, contact us today. Our products are available to healthcare professionals worldwide.