Infinium Medical Manufactures ECG Equipment for Healthcare Providers Around the World

ECG EquipmentInfinium Medical is proud to present the QRS-12, which is among one of the finest ECG equipment options available today because of the ways in which it helps healthcare professionals and their patients take charge of their heart health. Featuring a seven-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor and an alphanumeric keypad, the QRS-12 was designed to be extremely user-friendly in terms of both viewing patient data and adjusting the monitor’s settings. This monitor has a built-in troubleshooting function, as well. Furthermore, you can also choose to equip the QRS-12 with patient barcode scanners to further streamline the patient care process at your medical facility.

The ECG equipment we manufacture at Infinium Medical also boasts a number of connective features. Not only does the QRS-12 boast Ethernet and SR 232 capabilities, it is also able to be connected to certain hospital information systems and medical records platforms. This will allow your staff to easily access, update, and transfer data without the hassle of paperwork, improving the care process for your patients and allowing your medical facility to run more efficiently.

Perhaps most impressively, our ECG equipment features advanced software that gives it extensive capabilities. The QRS-12 is able to accurately detect up to 133 types of arrhythmia as well as patients’ pacemakers because it references the databases of the:

  • Common Standards for Electrocardiography
  • American Heart Association

If you are interested in learning more about the features and benefits of the QRS-12, contact Infinium Medical today. Our ECG equipment is available to healthcare providers across the globe.