ECG Machine Solutions from Infinium Medical

ECG MachineIf you require a new ECG machine, turn to the professional at Infinium Medical to learn about the QRS-12, a state-of-the-art electrocardiography machine that comes with a number of intuitive features. We designed the QRS-12 to be as user-friendly as possible while delivering consistently reliable data. Whether you regularly perform ECG tests or you simply want to invest in an ECG machine so you’re better able to accommodate your patients when the need arises, this is an excellent investment for your healthcare facility.

The QRS-12 features a high resolution touch screen and alphanumeric input to make it very easy for the user to view results, modify settings, set parameters, and make other adjustments as needed. Additionally, this ECG machine has robust interpretive software as a standard feature, which can compare ECG results against two different databases – one maintained by the American Heart Association and the other the Common Standard Electrocardiograph database – which allows the QRS-12 to detect as many as 133 different types of arrhythmia that might otherwise go unnoticed. Plus, this system has pacemaker detection, so the user can identify the presence of a pacemaker and ensure that everything is operating as it should.

Another advantage to this ECG machine is that it is highly connective and can be used to improve your electronic medical records platform. This is particularly useful for ECG tests where baseline electrocardiographs are often taken in young, health patients for future comparison as the patient ages.

The QRS-12 comes with many standard accessories, including:

  • 12 lead cables
  • Chest and limb electrodes
  • A paper roll for the printer
  • A lithium ion battery
  • Dust cover

Additionally, the ECG machine can be purchased alongside optional features like a barcode or magnetic strip card reader, optional ECG manager software, an external printer, and more.

If you are interested in more information about our ECG machine, contact Infinium Medical today.