The Numerous Advantages to an ECG Monitoring Device

ECG Monitoring DeviceHaving an ECG monitoring device from Infinium Medical on hand at your medical facility is an excellent idea. Our electrocardiograph machines are designed to be extremely easy to use while providing highly reliable results. Our QRS-12 ECG system, for example, features a high resolution 7-inch touch screen and alphanumeric keypad that makes it simple to adjust settings in order to best meet the patient’s various needs.

Another benefit to our QRS-12 is that it comes standard with robust interpretation software and comes with two different ECG reference databases:

  • The American Heart Association database
  • Common Standard Electrocardiograph database

As a result, this ECG monitoring device can detect as many as 133 different types of arrhythmia that may otherwise go undetected, allowing you to provide the utmost level of care to your patients. Plus, this system also offers pacemaker detection as a standard feature. This can help you ensure that the patient’s pacemaker is working correctly and interacting with the patient’s heart as it should.

Plus, our ECG monitoring device is HL7 and DICOM compliant and can connect with a medical records platform or hospital information system. This will allow you to easily store ECG historical data for the patient, while minimizing the risk for human recording error. If the patient returns, you’ll have their historical ECG data to compare their updated results with, providing a clearer understanding of their overall heart health.

To learn more about the benefits to investing in an ECG monitoring device from Infinium Medical for your healthcare facility, contact us today. We also offer a variety of other vital signs monitoring devices and will be glad to explain your various options to ensure that you make the right choice for your practice.