EKG Monitor Features and Benefits

EKG MonitorAt Infinium Medical, the EKG monitor that we offer comes with a variety of features that make it extremely easy to use and highly reliable. This state-of-the-art equipment, known as the QRS-12, is designed to provide users with a clear understanding of the patient’s cardiac health, and is currently being used worldwide in some of the busiest healthcare facilities on the planet.

One of the things that makes our EKG monitor unique is that it comes standard with two built-in databases: the American Heart Association database and the Common Standard Electrocardiograph database. This interpretive software can be used to compare EKG results with the databases to identify as many as 133 different types arrhythmia. Furthermore, this EKG monitor can also be used for pacemaker detection, making it possible to ensure that a patient’s pacemaker is working as it should with a simple EKG.

Some of the other benefits to our EKG monitor include:

  • The system features a seven inch touch screen and alphanumeric keypad for ease of use
  • The EKG monitor is available with optional magnetic strip readers or patient bar code scanners for ease of use
  • The QRS-12 has multiple acquisition modes and three second waveform stabilization
  • The equipment also has a built-in lithium ion battery backup and his highly portable

Another advantage to the EKG monitor is that it has network capabilities. Users can actually manage and review patient data using an electronic medical records platform or HL7 information data. This is extremely helpful for storing patient data and identifying changes in cardiovascular health over the years. Plus, by simplifying the storage of patient files, it is easier to save, store, print, and transfer the information as needed.

To learn more about our EKG monitor and how we can help you perform accurate electrocardiograph tests in your facility, office, or hospital, contact Infinium Medical today.