The Indispensible Electrocardiograph Machine

Electrocardiograph MachineThe electrocardiograph machine is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools in a physician’s repertoire. This ubiquitous piece of technology has many utilities and can provide unique insight into the health and function of a person’s cardiovascular health. At Infinium Medical, we recognize the importance of having an electrocardiograph machine that you can rely on to deliver consistent and highly accurate results, which is why we developed the QRS-12.

This digital touch screen 12-lead electrocardiograph combines impressive functionality with a user-friendly interface that makes it extremely simple to use. This system is designed for a fast paced practice and patient information can be rapidly read from the high resolution 7-inch screen. This interface also allows the user to rapidly analyze the results of the EKG and even modify vital sign settings to meet the needs of the patient’s changing conditions. Plus, the QRS-12 can be outfitted with optional patient barcode scanners and card readers to further simplify work flow while recording EKG data unique to the patient.

Another benefit to the QRS-12 is that it comes standard with interpretation software which includes two different EKG reference databases. This allows the electrocardiograph to detect as many as 133 different types of arrhythmia that might otherwise go undetected. Plus, the QRS-12 also offers automatic pacemaker detection. Plus, this patient monitoring system can connect with an electronic medical records platform or a HL7 information system to manage patient data.

Whether you need an electrocardiograph machine to perform baseline EKGs on patients as part of an annual physical or you require a state-of-the-art system to closely monitor the heart rhythms of a patient currently who is experiencing cardiovascular duress, the QRS-12 is an excellent solution. To learn more about our user-friendly EKG machine, contact Infinium Medical today.