Learn About the End Tidal CO2 Detector from Infinium Medical

End Tidal CO2 DetectorIf need an end tidal CO2 detector for your physician’s office, hospital, emergency room, or other medical facility, the Infinium EnTide™ – the capnography machine developed by leading manufacturer Infinium Medical – could be just what you’re looking for. This compact, lightweight device is highly portable, so it is ideal for use in a variety of situations, including when patients are being transported from room to room. And, thanks to its long-lasting backup battery, you can depend on our end tidal CO2 monitor even when a power source is not immediately available.

Whether you will be using it on patients who are sedated or to help diagnose patients with a number of respiratory or pulmonary conditions, our end tidal CO2 monitor will surely impress you and your staff with its many innovative features. For example, the Infinium EnTide™ boasts:

  • Settings for both adult and pediatric patients
  • A sidestream method of collection, which makes it appropriate for use with intubated and non-intubated patients alike
  • Filter cells in the sample line connection system, preventing cross-contamination and helping to provide consistently reliable data

To help simplify the patient care process, the Infinium EnTide™ is compatible for use with several of our vital signs monitors, including the Cleo and the Omni, so you can be sure that at Infinium Medical, we can meet the diverse needs of your health care facility.

If you have questions about our end tidal CO2 detector – or any of the other leading-edge medical equipment we offer – contact Infinium Medical. Our products are available for health care professionals worldwide.