End Tidal CO2 Monitor Options from Infinium Medical

End Tidal CO2 MonitorIf you’re looking to invest in an end tidal CO2 monitor for your healthcare facility, consider the advantages to the Infinium EnTide upgrade that we have available at Infinium Medical for our Cleo vital signs monitor. This innovative approach to EtCO2 monitoring is user friendly, highly portable, and most importantly highly accurate, ensuring it will be a great benefit to your patients and staff.

The Infinium EnTide is designed to rapidly analyze patient exhaled breath through a sidestream method that is comfortable for the patient. Furthermore, this unique design ensures that our system can accommodate both intubated and non-intubated patients, making it a compelling option for healthcare providers who treat both patient types. This highly advanced system transports 50ml per minute, helping to ensure consistently accurate and reliable results. To further ensure that our end tidal CO2 monitor is of the highest quality, it has been extensively field tested – as with all of our patient monitoring tools – in healthcare facilities around the globe.

Another advantage to choosing the Cleo is that in addition to being able to serve as an end tidal CO2 monitor, this highly advanced system can monitor:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • O2 saturation
  • Pulse
  • And more

Alternatively, at Infinium Medical, we also offer the Omni II, which is a robust patient monitoring system that includes robust networking capabilities. With the Omni, patient data can automatically be sent to a medical records database within the hospital and as many as 72 hours of patient data can be reviewed from the high definition interface.

To learn more about the end tidal CO2 monitor options that we gladly offer at Infinium Medical, contact us today.