Measure the ETCO2 of Your Patients’ Respiration with the Infinium EnTide™

ETCO2Infinium Medical’s ETCO2 monitor, the Infinium EnTide™, is a trusted piece of medical equipment used by health care providers around the world. As one of the lowest cost-per-patient capnography monitors available, the Infinium EnTide™ is an excellent investment for medical professionals working in dental offices, hospitals, ambulances, and a number of other facilities, as it will continue to provide reliable ETCO2
readings for years to come.

Among its many uses, reliable ETCO2 monitoring has important diagnostic capabilities, and can be used to identify potentially dangerous conditions such as hypoxia, hyperventilation, hypoventilation, and even some lung diseases. Whether you treat adults, children, or even a combination of both, the ETCO2 monitor that we offer at Infinium Medical will provide you with accurate data by transporting a patient’s exhaled breath at a rate of 50 ml per minute. Our module can be the ideal piece of equipment to satisfy your capnography needs because it:

  • Uses a low flow sidestream method, so it has both intubated and non-intubated applications
  • Has filter cells in the sample line connection, preventing any potential cross-contamination

Furthermore, this monitor’s capabilities don’t simply stop at the measurement of ETCO2. This module can also identify numerous other anesthetic agents, such as O2, NO2, Desflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Halothane, and Enflurane.

Best of all, the Infinium EnTide™ is compatible with our popular vital signs monitor, the Cleo. When used together, these machines can help you and your team of medical professionals improve your standard of patient care by simplifying the monitoring of end tidal CO2 and by giving you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your patients’ medical needs.

To learn more about the benefits of adding our ETCO2 monitor to the medical equipment at your facility, contact Infinium Medical today. Our machines are available for customers worldwide.