A Highly Versatile EtCO2 Monitor Available from Infinium Medical

EtCO2 MonitorFor an EtCO2 monitor with some of the most advanced technology today, turn to a company that remains dedicated to providing medical equipment that’s both highly accurate and especially affordable to facilities worldwide – Infinium Medical. Our end tidal CO2 (EtCO2) monitors are certainly no exception. Each machine is designed to measure the exchange of carbon dioxide using a 50 ml per minute sidestream method to provide highly accurate readings.

Our Cleo EtCO2 monitor is also adaptable, giving users the ability to incorporate other vital sign readings whenever necessary. These additional readings include:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)
  • Rapid temperature
  • Blood oxygen levels (SpO2)

Users are able to adjust the settings quickly and easily thanks to the monitor’s easy-to-use interface and 5-inch color touchscreen. This intuitive feature makes our EtCO2 monitors highly versatile and allows them to be useful in a variety of settings.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of medical technology, we test all of our products in real-world scenarios to ensure that our medical monitors will function properly, regardless of whether they’re being used regularly at a patient’s bedside or in emergency situations in remote locations. In fact, our EtCO2 monitor weighs less than three pounds and comes equipped with a rechargeable, long-lasting lithium ion battery, making it the perfect option for mobile monitoring and spot checks.

For more information on an Infinium Cleo EtCO2 monitor, or any of our other patient monitor products, contact Infinium Medical today.