Handheld Medical Monitor Options from Infinium Medical

Handheld Medical MonitorAt Infinium Medical, each handheld medical monitor that we offer is extensively field tested to ensure its accuracy and reliability. As a result, our customers can have 100 percent confidence that any monitor that they purchase from us will provide the consistent, unimpeachable data that they require to best serve their various patients. Whether you need to purchase a single handheld medical monitor for your family practice or you’re interested in upgrading to several networked monitors for your department, we can help.

One of the most appealing qualities of our handheld medical monitor products is their portability. The various monitors that we offer at Infinium Medical – specifically the Omni and Cleo-brand products – are lightweight, have a convenient handle, and also come standard with a built-in lithium ion battery. This design makes it extremely easy to transport the handheld medical monitor to where the patient needs it most. Physicians often use this style of medical monitor for spot checks in the hospital, carrying it from room to room, patient to patient. Plus, because it doesn’t need to always be plugged into the wall, it is a great option for patients who are being transported from an operating room to recovery or those being transported in an ambulance.

Of course, the most important thing about the handheld medical monitor products that we offer is that they provide reliable vital signs data. The Cleo, for instance, is equipped to monitor:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • Pulse oximetry

Plus, these portable monitors can be upgraded with field modules to cardiac output, end-tidal CO2, and more

For additional information about the many advantages to the handheld medical monitor products that we have developed at Infinium Medical, contact us today. We’ll gladly explain the various styles of vital signs monitors that we offer and help you make the right choice for your healthcare facility no matter its size or specialty.