Handheld Patient Monitor Options from Infinium Medical

Handheld Patient MonitorWhen you need a handheld patient monitor for your healthcare facility, turn to Infinium Medical. Both our Cleo and Omni II portable vital signs displays are designed to be highly transportable, making them ideally suited for busy hospitals, urgent care centers, family practices, and other medical facilities worldwide. Whether you want one handheld patient monitor or a whole fleet of new displays, we can meet your various needs.

There are countless benefits to having portable patient monitors available to you. At Infinium Medical, we designed our patient monitors to be as user friendly as possible and this starts with their compact design. Weighing in at less than ten pounds and having a lithium ion battery built into the system allows them to quickly grabbed and taken to where your patients are. Additionally, these monitor products can be carried alongside a patient or attached to a wheeled cart. This makes it extremely easy to bring the monitor from room to room or to bring it with a patient when he or she is being transferred within a hospital while offering consistent vital signs data.

Some other advantages to our handheld patient monitor products are:

  • These systems are, above all else, highly accurate and extensively field tested to ensure the veracity of their data
  • Our products are user friendly and feature a touch screen display that is simple to read and also easy to adjust depending on the needs of the patient
  • The patient monitors that we offer can be upgraded with a variety of modules to offer further vital signs monitoring capabilities.

To learn more about the various benefits to purchasing a handheld patient monitor from Infinium Medical, contact us today.