Handheld Vital Signs Monitor Options from Infinium Medical

Handheld Vital Signs MonitorIf you are interested in investing in a handheld vital signs monitor for your healthcare facility, put your trust in the team at Infinium Medical. We offer a variety of different styles of monitors to choose from, each designed with portability in mind. Whether you are interested in having a monitor that you can transport from room to room in your urgent care center or you’re exploring ways to transport your vital signs monitor along with your patient as he or she is transferred from the operating room to recovery, we have a solution for you.

The most obvious necessity of a handheld vital signs monitor is that it needs to be lightweight, and at Infinium Medical, our various patient monitors weigh in at less than five pounds and are easy to transport. Additionally, these monitors can be connected to a number of different mounting systems, ranging from a wall mount to a wheeled option to accommodate the needs of your patients as they arise. The design makes transporting the monitor extremely easy.

Additionally, to provide optimal portability, our various patient monitors come standard with a built-in lithium ion battery, which allows you to transport your monitor away from a power source for several hours. This can make our monitors beneficial for field work and even transportation in an ambulance.

Of course, the most important thing about our patient monitors is that they don’t sacrifice functionality and accuracy for portability. When you turn to us, you’ll receive a product that:

  • Has been extensively field tested to ensure reliability in high-volume healthcare facilities
  • Is feature-rich and comes standard with many different functions to make it as user friendly as possible
  • Has a large, easy-to-read display for rapid vital signs analysis
  • Is adaptable and can perform a variety of different vital signs monitoring functions

For more information about the various advantages to each of our handheld vital signs monitor products, contact Infinium Medical today.