The Heart Monitors Offered by Infinium Medical Have Extensive Capabilities

Heart MonitorsWhen it comes to heart monitors, we know you have a number of options to choose from. However, when you compare the features and benefits of these monitors, one option stands above the rest – the QRS-12 from Infinium Medical. We have been a leading provider of medical equipment for healthcare professionals worldwide since 2001, and we have used our extensive knowledge and experience to create a heart monitor that is both advanced and reliable.

In order to minimize the chance of human error while using our heart monitors, the QRS-12 was designed with the user in mind. To make it easy to operate, the QRS-12 features:

  • A 7-inch color touchscreen
  • User-intuitive software
  • An alphanumeric keypad

Our heart monitors also feature advanced connective software that allows for easy access to and transfer of medical records. The QRS-12 can connect to HL7 and DICOM internal platforms, and it also boasts Ethernet and RS-232 connectivity, providing a more streamlined approach to patient care.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the QRS-12, however, is its interpretation software, which allows it to access information from the databases of the American Heart Association and the Common Standards for Electrocardiography. Therefore, our heart monitors can identify up to 133 types of arrhythmia, as well as detect patients’ pacemakers to ensure they are working properly.

To learn more about the ways in which our heart monitors can help you provide exceptional care to your patients, contact Infinium Medical today. No matter where your facility is located, our team will be happy to answer your questions and help determine if the QRS-12 is right for you.