The Infinium ClearVue® is Compatible with Reusable and Disposable Laryngoscope Blades

Laryngoscope BladesWhether you prefer using reusable or disposable laryngoscope blades at your health care facility, the video laryngoscope offered by Infinium Medical – the Infinium ClearVue® – can meet your needs. Because it can be used with both disposable and reusable laryngoscope blades, our laryngoscope equipment puts you in direct control. No matter which option you prefer, you can feel good knowing you are receiving an exceptional value. For example, our vacuum packed disposable blades come at a low cost, so you can trust that convenience won’t come at the cost of affordability. Our reusable laryngoscope blades, on the other hand, can be used up to 1,000 times, giving them an extremely low cost-per-patient.

In addition to the flexibility provided by our laryngoscopy blades, the Infinium ClearVue® is also portable. It boasts a compact design that weighs just under 350 grams, so it can be easily transported when necessary. And, to help prevent potential mishaps that may occur when transporting pieces of medical equipment, the screen of the Infinium ClearVue® also features anti-shatter protection to prevent damage from any accidental falls or drops.

In addition to all of these incredible features, our video laryngoscope can also benefit your facility, staff, and patients thanks to its:

  • 0 megapixel camera with video capability
  • Anti-fog lens technology which ensures a clear picture of your patients’ glottis and vocal folds during every single use
  • Quick-shot camera button which makes it easy to operate
  • 2-year warranty which ensures your investment will remain protected

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more about the benefits of adding the Infinium ClearVue® video laryngoscope to your medical facility. Our product specialists will also be happy to discuss your needs to help determine which of our laryngoscopy blades may be right for you.