A Medical Monitor from Infinium Medical Can Meet the Unique Needs of Your Health Care Facility

Choosing the best medical monitor for your facility may seem like a daunting task at first. After all, medical monitors play a vital role in patient care, and they also need to provide consistently reliable, accurate results from bedside to operating room. That’s why at Infinium Medical, we have developed Medical Monitora line of medical monitors known as the Omni series. These advanced monitors have been extensively tested to ensure that their readings are highly accurate, allowing you and your team of medical professionals to provide your patients with the finest care available.

When you select Infinium Medical to supply you with a leading-edge medical monitor, you will choose between several monitors from our Omni series. These monitors include:

  • The Omni™
  • The Omni II™
  • The Omni III™
  • The Omni Express™
  • The Omni (K)™

The most distinct difference between the monitors in the Omni series is the size of their high-resolution touch screens, which range from 7 inches to an incredible 15 inches, so you can trust that one of these advanced options is sure to be the perfect size for your facility’s needs.

Regardless of which medical monitor you choose, your patients will surely benefit from the vital signs readings that our equipment provides. Every medical monitor in the Omni series can accurately measure ECG, SpO2, non-invasive blood pressure, and body temperature. We also offer a number of modification modules to allow Omni series monitors to perform more advanced measurements, such as EtCO2, cardiac output, invasive blood pressure, and anesthetic agent measurement.

To discuss the benefits of adding an Omni series medical monitor to your health care facility with one of our knowledgeable product specialists, contact Infinium Medical today. Our equipment is available for medical professionals world-wide.