Invest in a Quality Medical Monitor from Infinium Medical

Medical MonitorAt Infinium Medical, we ensure that each medical monitor that we offer is of the highest quality and able to provide consistently reliable results. We know how important it is for healthcare providers to have access to highly reliable patient data, which is why we go to great lengths to extensively field test all of our products before they’re cleared for sale.

Another advantage to each medical monitor that we offer is that they are designed to be extremely user friendly and highly configurable. Featuring an intuitive touch screen and software package, adjusting the display on your new medical monitor is a simple process that requires only minimal training and technical knowhow. This is particularly advantageous for healthcare facilities that feature high patient volume and need to be able to adjust the display of the medical monitor on a patient-by-patient basis.

One popular medical monitor that we offer is the Omni II. This state-of-the-art piece of medical technology is highly portable and features a rechargeable battery that allows for prolonged use away from a power source. The Omni II medical monitor also offers standard measurements of:

  • ECG with arrhythmia detection
  • Motion tolerant SpO2
  • Body temperature
  • Respiration

Plus, it can be upgraded with plug-in modules to monitor end-tidal CO2, anesthetic agent measurement, cardiac output, and invasive blood pressure. It’s easy to use, adaptable, and highly accurate, making it the ideal medical monitor for healthcare facilities of all sizes.

Of course, the Omni II is just one of the medical monitor products that we offer at Infinium Medical. To learn more about our full product line and to find the patient monitor that will work best for you and your patients, contact us today.