Choose the Ideal Medical Monitor for Your Facility from Infinium Medical

Medical MonitorAt Infinium Medical, we have extensive experience providing medical monitor solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide. If you are looking to invest in a patient monitoring system that is easy to use, highly accurate, and adaptable to meet your needs, we can help. Since 2001, our team has helped provide advanced medical monitor solutions to hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices of all sizes, and we will be glad to help you select the monitoring system that will work best in your healthcare facility.

For example, the Omni II patient monitoring system that we have developed at Infinium Medical features a large, high definition touch screen that is not only easy to read but can also be configured to provide the most pertinent patient information and vital signs reading, depending on the patient’s condition. This intuitive interface can also be used to create default settings, manage up to 72 hours of patient data, and make quick screen adjustments as needed.

This medical monitor can be used to offer standard measurements of:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • ECG and arrhythmia detection
  • SpO2
  • Body temperature
  • Respiration rate

Additionally, the Omni II can be upgraded to monitor end-tidal CO2, anesthetic agent measurement, cardiac output, and invasive blood pressure with a variety of plug-in modules. This field upgradability is particularly helpful because it allows the user to customize the medical monitor as a patient’s situation changes.

The Omni II is also unique in that it can send trends in vital signs and other patient information to a hospital database over the WiFi network. This helps prevent human error and improve your ability to store important patient information within your facility’s secure virtual database.

To learn all about the medical monitor products that we proudly offer at Infinium Medical, contact us today.