Medical Monitoring Devices for Simplified Patient Care from Infinium Medical

Medical monitoring devices are some of the most important pieces of equipment in a health care facility. Without reliable monitoring equipment you could easily miss a piece of information that could mean the difference between life and death.

Infinium Medical provides health care facilities of all sizes and types with a variety of affordable, user-friendly medical monitoring devices that are incredibly reliable. What’s more, we’ve designed our offerings to fit even the most restricted budget. From wireless patient monitoring to anesthesia systems, pulse oximeters, capnography monitors, and more, we develop and manufacture patient monitoring equipment that is easy to use so that you can focus on your patient’s care and not your machines.

Our vast selection of patient monitors and other equipment includes:

  • Vital signs monitors
    • Omni
    • Omni II
    • Omni III
    • Omni Express
  • Anesthesia Systems
    • ADS II
    • ADS III
  • Pulse Oximeters
    • Oxcyon II
    • Infinium O2 SAT
  • Surgical tables
  • Wall and bedside monitor mounts
  • Much more

Whether you are operating a large hospital or a remote clinic, we have the medical monitoring technology you need to not only make caring for your patients as effortless as possible, but also to provide them with the exceptional care they deserve.

To learn more about medical monitoring devices and accessories from Infinium Medical, contact us today.