Networked Medical Devices from Infinium Medical

Networked Medical DevicesAt Infinium Medical, we gladly offer state-of-the-art networked medical devices, which can be a compelling investment for medical facilities of nearly any size. Our technology is designed to be extremely easy to use, highly accurate, and very transportable, and comes with a variety of intuitive features that will surely benefit your practice. If you are exploring ways to improve your ability to store and review medical records and want to upgrade your hospital, family practice, or other healthcare facility with electronic vital signs records, we can assist.

The networked medical devices that we offer at Infinium Medical are known as the Omni II. This highly advanced medical monitor can track a variety of different vital signs readings ranging from heart rate and core body temperature to capnography data with a field upgradable module. Yet, one of the most compelling features to this system is its ability to network with an existing electronic medical records platform or healthcare database to instantly store patient data. With the Omni II, you can:

  • Avoid human error when monitoring and recording vital signs figures
  • Cut down on difficult to organize paperwork
  • Store high volumes of baseline data for future reference
  • Increase the privacy of your data storage through an encrypted database

Specifically, the Omni II offers several connectivity options with both Ethernet and RS-232 connections available. This equipment is also HL7-compliant, but facilities not equipped with HL7 or Infinium Omniview™ can be used to monitor as many as 32 Omni II patient monitors at once.

To learn more about our various networked medical devices, or to inquire about the many other patient monitors we offer, contact Infinium Medical today.