Networked Patient Monitors Developed by Infinium Medical

Networked Patient MonitorsAt Infinium Medical, we have developed networked patient monitors that can help users better monitor the vital signs of all of the patients in their care. Our Omni vital signs monitors are highly connective and allow for careful tracking of real-time data, historical data review, and improved patient record filing, making them a sensible investment for healthcare facilities of just about any size and type.

Our networked patient monitors are designed to interface with either an electronic medical records platform or an HL7-based hospital information system for user convenience. At Infinium Medical, we will be glad to assess your current network and determine the most sensible solution to meet your networking needs. For clients with HL7 network protocol, all patient information and vital signs data will be stored on the hospital information system. For non-HL7 facilities, on the other hand, we offer a solution with the Infinium Omniview™. This helpful tool allows as many as 32 of our networked patient monitors to be viewed in real time from a central location. This data can also be easily:

  • Saved
  • Stored
  • Printed
  • Transferred

In addition to being highly connective, our networked patient monitors are very easy to use. Our products each feature a high resolution touch screen and intuitive software that makes it simple to adjust displays, set alarms, and adjust parameters as needed.

If you require networked patient monitors for your family practice, hospital, or other healthcare facility, put your trust in Infinium Medical. We have extensive experience delivering high quality, extremely reliable products that can help you upgrade your electronic medical records platform, limit recording error, and bolster the quality of care that you offer your patients.

To learn more about our networked patient monitors, contact us today and speak with one of our professionals. We’ll be glad to walk you through your options, answer any questions that you might have, and ensure that you make the right choice for your business.