Omni III Patient Monitoring Technology with Color-coded Alarms from Infinium Medical

When the health of your patient changes quickly, vital decisions about their care must be made as fast as possible. Sifting through recorded data to find out what is wrong when an alarm goes off can take precious minutes when you only have seconds to decide. Here at Infinium Medical, we believe that patient monitoring technology should not only be accurate, but easy to use. This is why our Omni III patient monitor offers color-coded alarms so you know exactly what has happened and how to react instantly.

Along with color-coded alarms, Omni III patient monitoring technology also features:

  • Facility to measure many parameters, including ECG (3 or 5 lead) with ST segment monitoring, respiration, dual temperature monitoring, SpO2, and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Optional features include capnography, dual channel invasive blood pressure anesthetic agent monitoring (5 agents, N2O, FiO2, EtCO2), and a built-in thermal printer
  • Up to 8 waveforms displayed
  • Multi-lead simultaneous ECG monitoring
  • Auto setting of alarm units
  • Graphical/tabular trending
  • Patient data entry
  • Battery backup (2 removable batteries)
  • Networking capabilities
  • 15-inch high resolution screen

Whether your patient has suffered a drop in blood pressure, a significant temperature change, a heart complication, or a drop in pulse, you can jump to action to ensure they receive the best care possible thanks to color-coded alarms and Omni III patient monitoring technology.

If you are interested in learning more about Omni III patient monitoring from Infinium Medical and other great features including color-coded alarms, call or click today.