Infinium Medical’s ATS Operating Room Table is Available Worldwide

Operating Room TableChoosing the right operating room table for your medical facility is an important decision. At Infinium Medical, we understand this, which is why we have created the ATS surgical table. Featuring a 1,000 lb. lift capacity and C-arm compatible table top, this electro-hydraulic table can impressively rotate 180 degrees and be lowered to a mere 24 inches off the floor, so you can trust it will be able to move the way you need it to.

To ensure it can comfortably fit your patients, the ATS surgical table has a number of components that can be easily adjusted, including its:

  • Back plate
  • Chest plate
  • Head plate
  • Leg plate

The ATS surgical table can also perform lateral slide movements, making it ideal for patients undergoing medical imaging tests. Furthermore, this operating table comes with a number of critical safety features to protect your patients and your staff. In addition to being easy to operate, it also has four mobile anti-static castors and a floor lock, ensuring it won’t budge if accidentally bumped. And, to prevent accidental movement with its electronic controls, this table comes with a safety lock. Finally, the ATS surgical table can be equipped with optional accessories such as a backup battery, wireless remote control, and auto-reset function, so it is sure to meet all of your needs.

To learn how to acquire the ATS operating room table for your hospital or other medical facility, contact Infinium Medical today.