Find the Operating Table You Need at Infinium Medical

Operating TableIf you are in need of a new operating room for your hospital or surgery center, take the time to learn about the benefits to the ATS surgical tables that we have developed at Infinium Medical. These tables were designed with a dedication to quality craftsmanship and have a number of built-in features that make them appropriate in a number of different settings. Whether you need to purchase a single new operating table or are looking to upgrade the operating rooms throughout your facility, we are equipped to fully meet your needs.

The ATS is an electro hydraulic operating table that has a lift capacity of 1,000 pounds. In fact, this operating table can be lowered to just 24 inches off the floor in order to accommodate surgeons who are seated during lengthy operations. Additionally, the table can be equipped with a 180 degree rotating table top for patient imaging access and offers:

  • Chest plate adjustment
  • Back plate adjustment
  • Head plate adjustment
  • Leg plate adjustment
  • Longitudinal shift
  • Other flex positioning

The operating table was designed to be silent and the electronic controls are very easy to operate, allowing for optimal positioning of the patient. Additionally, this table has mobile anti-static castors with a floor lock for maximum stability, a safety lock to prevent accidental movement with the electronic controls, and a design that makes it easy to access the hydraulic system for service. Optional accessories for the ATS include battery backups, auto-reset functionality, and wireless remote control.

To learn more about the benefits to the operating table solutions that we offer at Infinium Medical, contact us today.