Advancing Care in the Operating Room…The ATS, ADSII and Vios®

ATS Surgical Tables ADS II Machine Surgical Lights

The ATS surgical table provides unyielding durability with ease-of-use patient positioning.  The ATS surgical table lends simplicity to the user with 180 degree lateral patient rotation, horizontal slide movement for C-arm use, “Flex” positioning with a multitude of other surgical positions all controlled electronically.

The ADSII anesthesia machine offers advanced gas delivery and patient ventilation.  The ADSII features electronic hypoxia guard flow meters, a touch screen multi-mode ventilator and the facility for 2 vaporizers all presented in a modern and ergonomic design.

The Vios® surgical light systems feature the latest in ultra-bright LED technology. The Vios® surgical light is a 160,000 LUX lamp with an average 50,000 hour bulb life time.  The Vios® surgical light can be ceiling mounted (single, dual, or triple mounts) or mounted on a mobile floor stand. 

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