Infinium Medical’s ATS Operation Table Available for Medical Facilities Worldwide

Operation TableInfinium Medical’s electro hydraulic operation table may be the ideal addition to your medical facility if you are in need of a table that will benefit both your surgeons and your patients. With an impressive lift capacity of 1,000 pounds, this table can be used for virtually any patient. The ATS surgical table also aims to make operating more convenient for surgeons as well. Thanks to easy-to-use electronic controls, this table can be silently lowered down to a mere 24 inches from the floor, so surgeons who prefer to operate while sitting down can be easily accommodated.

Additionally, the ATS surgical table can be equipped with a table top that rotates 180 degrees, and the chest plate, back plate, head plate, and leg plate on this table can all be easily adjusted, allowing for the ideal positioning of patients undergoing medical imaging tests. To ensure safety while using this operation table, we have equipped the ATS surgical table with mobile anti-static castors and floor locks, so it will not budge if it is accidentally bumped.

Furthermore, the ATS operation table can be equipped with a number of optional accessories, some of which include:

  • Auto-reset functionality
  • Backup batteries
  • A wireless remote control

At Infinium Medical, we pride ourselves on the top-quality of our products. All of our medical equipment – including our ATS surgical table – has been carefully designed and extensively tested to ensure they will function the way you need them to when your patients need you most. Whether you are looking for a single operation table or hoping to purchase tables for an entire facility, our products are sure to exceed your expectations.

If you are interested in purchasing Infinium Medical’s ATS operation table for your medical facility, contact us today.