Oxcyon II Pulse Oximeters – Accurate, Reliable Results

Monitoring pulse rates from 25 to 250 bpm and displaying them clearly on a bright, easily-readable LCD screen, Oxcyon II pulse oximeters provide an exceptionally accurate, affordable, and unobtrusive method of monitoring adults, children, and even neonates. Suitable for home care and emergency situations alike, these patient monitoring machines are lightweight yet powerful.

Oxcyon II pulse oximeters feature: Oxcyon II Pulse Oximeter
Accuracy during motion and low perfusion
Optional integrated printer
Sp02, pulse rate, alarm, plethymographic waveforms display and up to 72 hours of patient trends
Manage data on PC via USB
Audible and visual alarms
24 hour battery life, with low battery indicator
Bright LCD with large digital numerics
BCI compatible probe

Whether you’re testing for athletic purposes or you’re a nurse caring for an ill patient, you can trust the Oxcyon II to give you the information you need.

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