Leading-Edge Medical Equipment for Oximeter Readings You Can Depend On

Oximeter ReadingsFor a pulse oximeter that will consistently provide reliable oximeter readings time and again, invest in the O2 Sat pulse oximeter from Infinium Medical. Thanks to a 2.8” color touchscreen that displays large fonts and waveforms, your staff of medical professionals will be able to quickly interpret your patients’ oximeter readings and make informed decisions regarding their health care. And this monitor is ideal for use in adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients, so you can meet the needs of all types of patients with the same piece of equipment.

Thanks to its compact design that weighs only 110 grams, you won’t have trouble transporting our pulse oximeter around your medical facility. Furthermore, because this machine lasts for 9 hours when powered by three AA alkaline batteries, you can feel good knowing that accurate oximeter readings will be available whenever you need them. Other advanced features of our pulse oximeter include:

  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Audio/visual alarms
  • Tabular displays
  • Graphic displays
  • Patient data recall capabilities
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Infinium Medical has been a trusted provider of top-quality medical equipment since 2001, so our customers can trust that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to expertly craft medical equipment that is both advanced and reliable. What’s more, all of the equipment we manufacture is extensively tested to ensure it functions as expected.

Contact Infinium Medical today for more information regarding the impressive features that will help your O2 Sat pulse oximeter provide oximeter readings you can depend on.