Advanced Pulse Oximetry Equipment from Infinium Medical

At Infinium Medical, we understand that pulse oximetry equipment is an important aspect of patient care, which is why we have worked to develop and manufacture the Infinium O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter. Whether you need to measure the oxygen levels of a patient who is under general anesthesia, check the function of a ventilator, or monitor patients with diseases such as lung cancer, pneumonia, heart failure, or anemia, we can provide you with pulse oximetry Oximetryequipment to get the job done right.

Ideal for use with a variety of patients, including neonatal, pediatric, and adult, our pulse oximetry monitor has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience for all medical professionals. The Infinium O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter features a 2.8 inch touch screen, equipped with both large font size and waveform display. Additionally, our pulse oximetry monitor also:

  • Can provide graphic and tabular trends
  • Has an adjustable audio and visual alarm
  • Can easily recall patient history data
  • Can transfer and store date to a PC through Bluetooth or USB
  • SpO2 pulse-tone modulation
  • And more

By carefully monitoring the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood, our advanced pulse oximetry equipment will allow your team of medical professionals to remain informed on the status of the patient’s condition and quickly make adjustments to their care when necessary, maximizing the likelihood of a positive outcome for everyone involved.

For the best care when it comes to pulse oximetry, turn to Infinium Medical, a leading manufacturer of medical equipment for healthcare facilities around the world since 2001. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of our advanced Infinium O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter, as well as the many other monitors and equipment we offer for healthcare professionals worldwide.