Top-Quality Oximetry Equipment Offered by Infinium Medical

OximetryPulse oximetery equipment is a critical part of patient care for medical professionals of many different practices. For this reason, Infinium Medical, a trusted manufacturer of leading-edge medical equipment since 2001, is proud to present the O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter, which is available to healthcare professionals worldwide. This innovative system will allow you to check ventilator function, monitor the oxygen levels of patients who are under anesthesia, and monitor those with diseases such as heart failure, lung cancer, anemia, and pneumonia. And, our oximetry equipment is appropriate for use in adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients, so you can trust that the O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter will meet the diverse needs of your healthcare facility.

Our oximetry monitors are equipped with a number of features that make it easy to operate. For example, the O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter boasts:

  • A 2.8-inch touchscreen
  • Large font size and waveform display
  • An adjustable audio and visual alarm
  • SpO2 pulse-tone modulation
  • The ability to provide both graphic and tabular trends
  • And more

Additionally, our oximetry equipment is highly connective. The O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter features both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, so you will be able to easily and quickly access, transfer, and store patient data to a PC, streamlining the patient care process.

Turn to Infinium Medical for the O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter, an advanced piece of equipment that will meet the oximetry needs of your healthcare facility. Contact us today to learn more.